District 102 Club Officer’s Training (COT 2)

Club Officers, we are 6 months into the term. I am sure you have had a lot of excitement and tremendous experiences in carrying out your roles and responsibilities as Club Officers. Some stressful moments could have also been encountered.

As we are moving into the second half of the term, it is time for all of you to attend the second Club Officer’s training (COT 2). It is time to re-visit your Club Success Plan. The Moments of Truth will be discussed during COT 2. This discussion will bring your club to a higher level of professional management.

The first COT 2 will officially kick start on 5 January 2019. Here are the venues, dates and times of the trainings which will be conducted by the various divisions. Please mark in your calendar!
Toastmasters Malaysia District 102 - COT2 Flyer
In order for the District Officers to assist your clubs more effectively, each division has provided an online Moment of Truth Survey for members to fill up. We encourage all members to fill-up the online survey.

Click on the relevant link below & fill-up the online survey NOW!
Division A
Division B
Division C
Division D
Division E
Division G
Division H
Division M
Division R

Your feedback via this survey will be used as a guide for discussion during the Club Officer’s Training. Therefore, this survey is very important to take your club to a higher level of professional management.

Club Officers, I look forward to seeing all 7 of you during COT 2.


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TLI Chair, 2018-2019

District 102 Club Officer’s Training (COT 1)

Club Officers, your term as Club Officers of Toastmasters International 2018-2019 has officially started! Congratulations to you for serving your respective Clubs!

We are having 994 Club Officers from 142 clubs in District 102, whom are going to conduct the Toastmasters program and keep their respective Clubs healthy and successful this term. We are kicking start our very first training by the District from 21st July 2018!

Club Officers require the knowledge and tools to lead the clubs & this Club Officer Training provides the knowledge and tools. Trained Club Officers will result in more satisfied members, more exciting meetings, more new members, more Distinguished clubs and hence, helping the District to achieving its Distinguished status.

Here are the dates & venues of our Club Officer Trainings. Please notify the respective Organising Chairs of your intention to attend the training in advance so that they can be prepared in terms of logistics. Please mark your calendar and get ready for this fun learning sessions!

All the best to you this term 🙂
Toastmasters Malaysia District 102 - COT1 Flyer

TLI Chair, 2018-2019