District 102 Hall of Fame 2018/2019 (Central Region)

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Hall of Fame Organizing Committee with Past and Present Senior District Officers of District 102
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The Hall of Fame (HOF) is an Annual District Event organized to recognize, reward and celebrate Clubs, Area and Division achieving their respective Distinguished Success Plans attained between April 01, 2019 and June 30, 2019.
For this season, two HOFs had been conceived – one for Central region on 28 July 2019 (Sunday) at WP Hotel, Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur (HOF01) and the other for Southern region on 4 August 2019 (Sunday) at Viva Bestari Inn, Johor Bahru (HOF02).
Invitees/awardees for the HOF01 were spotted flowing into WP Hotel as early as 10.30 am and by 12.00 noon, the function room was almost full.
At 12.30 pm, Emcee PDD Ramdas Nayar, welcomed the audience to enjoy their lunch at the adjoining room and return to the function room sharp at 1.30 pm for the formal part of the day’s program.
The HOF01 Organizing Chair, Clement Chew gave his welcome address and thanked District Director, Dr. William Lau, DTM for giving him the opportunity to organize the HOF01. Besides, he expressed profoundly his gratitude and appreciation to Chairman of Awards, Benny Chia, DTM, for his valuable advice and all the members of his support team who provided the leg-work, time and sacrifice to ensure that HOF01 run smoothly according to plan.
Dr William Lau, District Director for 2018-2019, thanked the Organizing Chair, Clement, Emcee PDD Ramdas Nayar and the entire Organizing Committee for tirelessly burning their midnight oil for the success of HOF01. He thanked all present for sacrificing their Sunday to attend the HOF01.

Dr. William Lau commented thus…

“We are gathered here today not only to celebrate the success of our clubs, areas and divisions but also our beloved district, which has emerged and qualified for the Toastmasters International Distinguished District 2019 Award.
Region 13, of which District 102 is a part, has – by virtue of our exemplary performance – has become the Champion Region of the World. These dual accomplishments would not have been possible without the blood, sweat and sacrifices of our District and Club Leaders and Officers.
Let us give ourselves a thunderous round of applause for our achievement.
Our performance surpassed the basic KPI requirements for the Distinguished District Award; in that, as per TI Dashboard, our eventual report card boasts:
S.No          KPI                                         Base         To Date
1                 Paid Clubs                             144             149
2                Paid Members                       6,717          6,832
3                Distinguished Clubs                80               88
In my opinion, our District did quite well. It is both concerting and comforting to note that out of the total of 116 Districts world-wide, only 38 Districts or 32.76% thereof managed to attain distinguished status.
Thank you Fellow Toastmasters for helping the District achieve T.I. Distinguished District Award, 2018-2019.
Let us celebrate, recognize and commemorate our achievements. Thank you.”

Mementos were presented by the Trio to all District Officers and Special Appointees for contributing towards achieving Distinguished District Goal while plaques to those who achieved their Distinguished Division, Area or Club Success Plans. ‘Toastmaster of the Year’ award has finally reached the hands of C P Lau, DTM (District TLI Chair 2018/2019). Biggest congratulations to him for his dedication towards achieving the District Mission.
Club Growth Director 2018/2019, Lee Meng Tze, DTM thanked those present for their collaboration and assistance that culminated in her directorate achieving the district’s club and membership goals
Lastly, Program Quality Director 2018/2019, Dr Yvonne Leong, DTM took the stage and delivered the closing address. She expressed her gratitude to all the clubs that helped her achieve the District’s distinguished clubs goals. She appealed to clubs to help her achieve Smedley’s Distinguished District for the 2019/2020 term.
The HOF ended at about 3.15pm. The event could not have been a successful one without the presence of all the District Leaders, selected Club Presidents and their members. Sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone in attendance for being the pillars of the event.

Article by IPDD – Dr. William Lau, DTM


Interview Session with Dr. Brillian, S.K, DTM

Dr Brillian, S.K, DTM is currently serving as the Region 13 Advisor.

District 102 Public Relations Manager, Ricky Soo, DTM, conducted a short interview session with him asking about his Toastmasters experience, personal background and what’s his advise to District 102 members.

Watch the video to learn more.

Interviewed by Ricky Soo, DTM ; Video recorded and produced by Ken Koh, DTM 

Message by Region 13 Advisor – S.K. Brillian, DTM

Dear Members of District 102,

I have the privilege and honor to spend some quality time with your members and leaders during my visit. I’m excited to learn that your District Director for 2019/2020 has started with a goal of achieving excellence in her term. She has defined Aspire to Excel as the theme of which you will work for. And I invite each one of you to aspire.

(A) Have Ambitious goals

The District Director has already said it for you, “District 102 for Smedley Distinguished”.

(S) Strategy

Work on your strategy to help the team achieve the goal that you set forth.

(P) Plan

This is the most important step for each one of you. As it’s important that you plan to succeed.

(I) Include every member. Let them know that We are in it together.

It is important that every member who joins the club and District 102 knows what we are aiming for.

(R) Review past challenges

Identify what it is that you want to change, what it is that you can continue, and what it is that you wish to stop. Ensure you have a discussion with your past leaders. And last but not least…

(E) Execute it effectively

Dear friends, it is said if we strive for achieving excellence, success will be ours.

I wish to share with you. A few years ago, when I was a leader of a not-for-profit, one of the leaders had said,

“Standards are set by norms but there is always a better way to do things.”

So do not get bogged down by what has been done. Go out, explore, express and enjoy this journey. I’m rooting for you and waiting for you at the other side of this term as Smedley Distinguished.

“District 102 for Smedley”

I’m with you. Wish you all the best. Cheers.

Special thanks to Dr. Brillian S.K., DTM

Editing – Ken Koh, DTM
Artwork – Foong Sook Hwa, ACG, ALB
Subtitles – Ricky Soo, DTM

Marianna Pascal, First Place Winner in Region 13 Quarterfinals!

Congratulations to Marianna Pascal for bagging the First Place Winner title in Region 13 Quarterfinals!

We wish you all the best in the next stage at the World Championship of Public Speaking Semifinals at Denver, Colorado in August 2019.

Break a leg!

Marianna Pascal

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