Toastmasters and Table Topics – a HIT at ELTC’s Highly Immersed Programme

District 102 Toastmasters from Area E4 led by Area Director, Nageswari Balasekaran, DTM and Past Area E4 Director, Tan Soo Guan, ACB, ALB conducted a total of 13 fun and productive sessions for 210 teachers and personnel from the Ministry of Education. Participants from all over Malaysia gathered at the English Language Training Centre at Bandar Enstek for this celebrative training event. This was in conjunction with the centre’s HIP (Highly Immersed Programme) for English school teachers and Ministry staff, which stretched over 3 days (14-16 August, 2018).
[masterslider id=”3″] Participants were very receptive to the “Introduction to Toastmasters” and readily volunteered to take on roles during the Table Topics session. In fact, the table topics were such a popular item that two of the teachers showcased their skills on how to handle a thought-provoking topic prior to the closing ceremony, which was officiated by the Director of ELTC, Puan Farah Mardhy Binti Aman, on Day 3.

Feedback from participants was encouraging and most viewed table topics as a good strategy to train students to think creatively and speak on their feet. Facilitators too had their share of fun-filled moments, not only during Table Topics but also when introducing Toastmasters as an enabling platform to unlock potentials and nurture future leaders. Credit is due to Toastmaster Yusnamariah Md Yusop, who coordinated the 3-day event on the ELTC side. Her unwavering support and the dedication of the team of facilitators, created a wholesome chemistry which may lead to the charter of a new club – ELTC Toastmasters Club, in the near future.