Unseen But Not Forgotten Heroes #1 Alan Oh – Friendship Toastmasters Club

Unseen But Not Forgotten Heroes #1 Alan Oh – Friendship Toastmasters Club

FRIENDSHIP Toastmasters Club’s Ladies of Substance

Vivian Ng


Introduction by TME for Vivian: Our Sergeant-at-arms. As her title implies, she is our lady that you do not want to mess with. During her day job, she is Wonder Woman who defends justice and protects the weak, especially mothers and young children. She lashes out at the oppressors with her Laser Truth. Never be deceived by her physical size. She can easily make you sizzle with guilt with just one, sharp, cold look of her eyes. She is building her next superpower: Celestial Speech Arc. Sorry gentlemen, she has just been jettisoned from the market recently.

Heng Le-Anne

Vice President of Education

The Sands of Time are on her side. She is our club Princess, looking for the man who possesses the Dagger of Time. As the guardian of our shadow and flame, she oversees the progress of club members in their education pathways. She is devoted to her role, resourceful and a very capable administrator. In addition, she leads the club corps diplomatique at Area level with grace and unsurpassed eloquence. Indeed, she is an oasis in the desert of modern isolation and selfishness.

Tan Geok Ean


She is the living Professor X in our midst. She can read your mind like a book. Because of her unique strength, she is one of the wise club counsels hand-picked by the President himself. She can change the way you think, but most of the time she chooses to respect it, even when  she disagrees with you. Calm, cool and poise, the moment she speaks, she will radiate a healer peace aura that makes you want to listen to her. That is when she is most dangerous and powerful. Speak to her at your own peril! Chances are, you will find a way out of your own perils. Money management for her is just a piece of cake.

Submitted by:
Alan Oh, MSP, PI 2
Friendship Toastmasters Club

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