Unseen But Not Forgotten Heroes #2 Khalid Idris – Super Speakers Toastmasters Club

Unseen But Not Forgotten Heroes #2 Khalid Idris – Super Speakers Toastmasters Club

Unseen but not Forgotten Heroes The Ever-Bubbly DTM, Lee Yau Sin

She is not my mentor in Toastmasters, but the time and effort she puts into our unofficial ‘mentorship’ is outstanding. For all that she has done, I am so grateful.

 She has always been supportive and helpful. When we had physical meetings, she was highly instrumental in assisting us to set up the meeting room, even though she was not the SAA. Most of the time, the meeting room would be ready way before other members and guests arrived.

The quality that strikes me most about her, is her show of confidence in everything she does. Secondly, is the way she conducted herself, as our Club President, when our club faced a major transition back in 2015.

One thing you should know about her is although she is not keen on singing, she never fails to show her love and passion for dancing. I will surely meet her soon on the dancefloor … one, two, cha, cha, cha … here we go.

Opps… by the way, she is none other than Lee Yau Sin, DTM.

Submitted by:
Khalid Idris, DTM
Super Speakers Toastmasters Club, Area E4

Lee Yau Sin, DTM with Haji Hashim Adnan, DTM and Khalid Idris, DTM
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Lee Yau Sib
7 months ago

Thank you dear DTM Khalid for your glowing tributes to my 5 years “tenure” in Super Speakers TMC which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Looking forward to take to the dance floor with you, doing ala Beyonce!💃🕺

Sarah Abedi
6 months ago
Reply to  Lee Yau Sib

We will watch with joy when that happens, 2 DTMs doing the cha cha cha!