Update on District 102 Poster Design Contest

Dear Division, Area, Club leaders and members,

This is to update you that the poster contest had ended on 30/9/2019. A total of 176 posters were received from all 9 Divisions. Thanks for the great support!

Congrats to Division E, Division M, and Division R for having more than half of your clubs participated!

Total posters received – 176

Total posters accepted – 96

Total posters into semifinal – 42

Total posters into final – 16

The PR team has gone through 2 rounds of voting and selected 16 posters to qualify to the Final. The voting was done online and in person. Posters that received majority votes (4 votes or above out of 7) qualified to the next round.

The finalist posters will be published in social media and web site in a few days. All finalists will receive a prize in the District 102 Annual Conference 2020!

The 16 finalists will be judged by a panel of 9 judges consisting of 6 SDOs and 3 others in a date soon to be decided. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ricky Soo, DTM

District 102 PR Manager