Use of Toastmasters Logo in Speech Contest Trophies

For a long time, I misunderstood that the use of Toastmasters logo on trophies is definitely a no-no.

Over time, I found out I failed to understand this because TI also sells trophies. I didn’t know that we can seek permission for the use of Toastmasters brand in our materials.

A leader has sought clarification with TI and the screen shot below is the reply:


So it is allowable but please note when using Toastmasters logo on the trophies of your incoming speech contests:

If time is short or it’s not possible to do the above, then we seek your cooperation to be a good steward of our beloved Toastmasters brand and not use it without the permission of the trademark owner.


Article by Ricky Soo, DTM (District 102 PR Manager 2019/2020)