Why Renew Our Toastmasters Membership?

toastmasters membership

“Join us to face the challenges ahead. Continue our personal development journey together.”

Here are why we should renew our Toastmasters membership. What do you think? Feel free to comment.

– Just like any other professional development organization, we need to pay dues to maintain our membership with this organization.  It is the same in Toastmasters International, by maintaining an active membership, we can continue to receive monthly magazines from Toastmasters, continue our professional development journey and continue to network with the like-minded members

– The dues that we pay, help Toastmasters International maintain their systems – so that the Basecamp is uninterrupted and we can continue to view our projects online, continue learning and continue to do our speeches

– The dues that we pay, keep our membership active and that we can have access to Toastmasters International Base Camp.

– The dues that we pay, allows Toastmasters International to continue developing learning program for us.  Just like 3 years ago, we were using traditional education track where we rely on hardcopy manuals. Now, we have 11 Toastmasters Paths that we can choose from. I am sure more new paths are on the way. So, dues that we pay, helps us to get more learning material in future.

– The dues that we pay, help to run district activities like District and Club Officer Training, educational workshops and many more.

– The dues that we pay, allow us to continuously enjoy the benefits of Toastmasters that will empower us to be better communicators and leaders.

Furthermore, our District 102 Membership Renewal Campaign has been extended to 28th March 2020. Renew soon and you can reap benefits for yourself and your club!

Please contact Special Project Team – Teoh Chun Ming, ACS, ALB at 012-4568491.